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New Bitx Pcb

Due to being very busy,during the last few months in 2007 I could not put in much activity for the Bitx.
The new year 2008 will bring in some more modifications for the Bitx,from members in yahoo Bitx group.The Bitx has become into a type of open source project,where you modify and modify,each modification bringing an improvement in the tcvr.

A new set of PCB of Bitx is ready,with complete masking,roller tinning and placement of components on the pcb,this will help as it makes easier to place components much faster on the pcb board.

Work is also under way,with Om Rahul Vu3WJM for bringing out a frequency counter pcb and a new linear pcb,that will operate up-to 30 Mhz,with 12 volts,and give power upto 5-7 watts,with a higher voltage the power could increase drastically.

I wish to thank Dan for the first person putting up a comment on my blog :0)

The Avala sdr 01 monobander pcb is also available with me,so if you wish to go on the air with sdr,then just drop me a mail,so I can get the pcb s…