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New Version Of Bitx Version 3 Demo

The Bitx Version 3 New Version PCB is to be launched soon.

The following changes have been made:

1. Varactor tuned VFO with connection of FLL freq counter. We have a video below showing
    a demo with the new Bitx 3 version connected with the IK3 OIL FLL Counter but the VFO is of
   bitx with some changes. The first transistor is BF245 with varactor diode tune,covering complete

2.  Mic Pre amp stage has been added to now its quite sensitive .

3. Increased Audio output.

4. Audio Amp mute as the PTT is pressed , this was required for keeping the relay from making a noise
   on pressing PTT.

4. Point for connecting optional AGC and CW.

More news soon.

Enjoy the video posted below in New Bitx Version 3 coming soon.