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NEW BITX AGC Adjustments Updates

Lately many Hams who purchased the AGC kit with our Bitx Kit were having some problem in adjusting the
VU meter to get a deflection. After observing the problem sometimes at my end too i decided to study what would be the correct sequence to set the VU meter.

The setting of 2 trimmers R3A And R5 were found determining the initial settings of the VU meter.
After doing some adjustments with R3A And R5 the correct settings were found as to my way, there can be other ways too.

Below I have provided a silkscreen picture of AGC and short notes to be followed in sequence.
I hope this should help many struggling with setting their meter to move and complete their AGC.

Any one can contact to me if he find still his AGC is not working.

Now Please follow the setting of AGC Meter as below.