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Request For Your Bitx Version 3 Pictures

kindly feel free to submit your Bitx Version 3 pictures and write down a few words on your moments spent on building the Bitx. It would be great to put some pictures of all the Bitx Version 3 being build by Hams.
Sunil Lakhani

Ham Radio Books At Amazon has some interesting books for Radio Amateurs New and Used ones.
We have a shop on Amazon and we request members to buy from our shop if they do
intend to buy from Amazon.The income generated will be used for making new kits that will always be very economical for Hams living in any part of the world.
Best of wishes
Sunil Lakhani

Poll results for ACP cabinet

My thanks to all friends for taking part in a poll for knowing if the ACP cabinet would be a suitable choice for a cabinet for Bitx.
Most of the members have found the idea unique for Bitx to have a ACP cabinet.
I would request all members to kindly express their opinion on what type of cabinet they prefer amongst the metal cabinets, and if possible drop me a mail expressing their choice of cabinet.