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Bitx 3C SBL-1 Schematic

After the Bitx3C ADE-1  we present the  Bitx3C  SBL-1 . The schematic is being published here.

The Bitx3C SBL  kit will be soon available on our online store.

Tunning Range For The Bitx3b/3c

Two pictures being published which show the tunning range with 1sv149 being used in our Bitx series.

From 13.994 TO  14.418.  with the same schematic values for the VFO section.

Bitx3C With SBL-1 Mixer

Good News for people who are not being able to find ADE-1 ASK mixer and would still like to build the Bitx3C version. We now have a new pcb BITX 3C with SBL-1 Mixer.

The BITX3C with SBL-1  mixer has been tested completely and works great. we shall be providing the PCB soon on our website as well as on our ebay store.

Also is available  the BITX3C SBL-1  AS A KIT or just a pcb to buy.
we shall provide the schematic but no manual, the same Bitx3B manual can be used as most stages are same, leaving the mixers.

Some pictures below of Bitx3C with SBL-1 mixer, i have also mounted the BC549 in the mic pre amp for Q15 as mentioned in the last post.

Dynamic Microphone For Bitx

Lately I have been using a Dynamic microphone for Bitx3B as shown in pictures below.The audio seems to be quite good with it.

One important part that has to be installed in line of microphone is a 3.3uf  Tantalum capacitor, to block the positive 12 volts TX voltage.

Q15 which is 2n3904 in the mic pre amp stage can be changed to BC549 which is a  low noise VERSION, 
The gain seems to be better then 2n3904 and much better audio quality, it has to mounted in reverse.