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Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Color " Pepsi Blue" Case For Bitx kits And Universal Transceiver Case

We have recently added some Bitx Case with new colors.

The colors that are available in our Ebay store are : Pepsi Blue, Black And Siemens Grey.

The Pepsi blue case is available in 3 combinations.

First for use with a FLL Freq Counter

Second for use with  a DDS

Third  model Universal Case for Transceiver  in this case no holes done or bush mounted on the base cover .

The base cover can now accommodate any type of boards, so if you are looking for a suitable case for your tcvr then our Universal Transceiver Case could be the answer for your search.

The other colors and Black And Siemens Grey .

                                                                     PEPSI BLUE

Bitx3B 3C Case For FLL Counter Pepsi Blue color 

Bitx 3B 3C Case For DDS And Also Universal Case 

             Bitx Case Inner View 


Bitx Case Rear View 



Bitx3B3C Case Rear View 


Monday, September 12, 2016

Bitx 40Mt Boards On Our Ebay Store.

An article was written earlier on this blog regarding hacking bitx20mt for 40mt band.

We had also mentioned that new boards were being made for the Bitx 40mt band. There are very minor changes in the boards, only the major changes being in winding new coils for the Linear Amp, there has been no other change in components. If one was to build the Bitx40t then our article hacking bitx20mt for 40mt band. would be very useful in this regards.

Here are the boards that are available on our Ebay Store Fusion Radio VU3SUA

                      Bitx Version 3B Exciter And PA Board On Fusion Radio VU3SUA Store

The advantage of building our Bitx Kits is that you can purchase the kits in parts. After purchasing the boards if you are missing on parts you could purchase the Bitx Components Kit and later on when you have completed the boards, then you could box them in our various color Bitx Case which are specific made for our kits. 

We shall be publishing some pictures very soon of our new Bitx Case which has been colored in Pepsi Blue And White color.

I will be back soon with more news, enjoy building your Bitx qrp tcvr

best of 73s
Sunil VU3SUA


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