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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bitx3C SBL-1 20mt from Russian Federation

After a long gap of time I am posting some pictures of Bitx3C SBL-1 20mt built by our

friend from Russian Federation.

Our friends name is Nikita

OM Nikita  has reported great success with his building the Bitx3c using sbl-1 mixers.

Below are some comments by Nikita  himself by an email to me.


" Hello, my dear friend.

Yesterday I successfully completed bitx 3c sbl-1. And I hope, that I do it. It was very

easy to setup it.  Exactly one year ago, I tried to solder version in the diode mixers,

but I did not succeed. and after one year I enjoy assembled and tuned transceiver (3c

ver). Now I have setup bpf are very easy.

So, now I must put my tcvr to the case. But I want try make this tcvr multiband, until I

No matter what, thank you for a wonderful set, that allows you to get an unforgettable

pleasure. "


Wishing Nikita the very best for his future projects....

Bitx3C SBL-1 Exciter 20mt 

Bitx3C SBL-1  PA 20mt

Monday, November 28, 2016

New batch of 20mt and 40mt Kits

I just wanted to inform my friends that a new batch of Bitx3b 3c kit kitting is underway,
and by this week end our Ebay store will be back with the Bitx sales.

This info has been put up as many friends are inquiring about the availability of our Bitx kits.

Thanks and best of 73s


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