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DL4YHF Frequency Counter kit

Ramsey HR40C 40 Meter QRP Amateur Radio Receiver Kit

Many of my friends have built the DL4YHF Frequency Counter kit that we sell and many more are in the process of building it.

Before you build the kit, you are faced with a decision as to how to build the kit, you may wish to build as all components mounted on front side of pcb, that as absolutely fine but if you would like to mount it on a panel they parts may obstruct the mounting so you are likely to mount the components on the reverse side of the pcb. Now comes the tricky part.

I would recommend the method of mounting the components at the reverse side of the pcb only when you are good at soldering parts, the tracks of the pcb are quite narrow and fragile, so outmost care has to be taken in doing so. The soldering Iron required is to be of low wattage as not to damage the tracks.
Finally you should be ready to face some risk of repairing tracks and pads if broken while attempting the build of frequency counter.

I have made one of…