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Universal Case Blue Fitting Accessories

Here are some pictures which are being published so that our customers who have purchase the
Universal Case for fitting their Bitx 40 smd could follow the same process as we have not provided any building manual for the case.

So here is the lovely Blue case which has two stereo socket  connectors to be used as Mic/PTT or headphones in any configuration as desired as there are many ways of using the Mic And PTT pins, the way you like.  Like you could use one socket for PTT And Mic since it is a stereo socket and use other one for a headphone, so both purpose can be met,

If you plan to use a baofeng mic then the only problem is that the baofeng mic has two pins, the smaller pin may not fit in the stereo socket as the size will be large for it, on the other hand the big pin will fit okay, so you would need to find a smaller socket, which i could not outsource.

The 10K Linear Potentiometers  for Mic Gain And Audio Gain have to be mounted as in the picture, remember you need to enlarge th…

New Universal Ham Radio Project Case

We are glad to bring you  a new Universal Ham Radio Project Case, which comes in some very nice colors Blue And Maroon with two models to chose from. The case is made withAluminium sheet and glossy paint Blue And maroon

The case is small in size  and the Bitx SMD pcb fits on the holes specially made for its size.
The case is universal and can be used in any project a person wishes to use it. Like it could be used for.

1. Transceiver Bitx 40mt SMD or other .
2. For a shortwave receiver Like our new Taurus receiver or any other home brew receiver .
3. For enclosing a DDS, as the LCD and tuning provision is already made.
4. For any other project you may find suitable.


                              Blue Color Model 1  Universal Case

                             Top And Bottom Cover

                              Side Cover Ventilation With Top cover for speaker

                              Back Cover   Power, Fuse AC In And Antenna SO239


Taurus Delux 20mt SSB/CW receiver video

The Taurus 20mt receiver is working great and I  have monitored the band with many receivers
which are being calibrated with minimum adjustments.

We would like to know if you would like a kit for Taurus? We can also make it for other bands like
40mt or dual 20mt and 40mt. It all depends on what feedback we get.

The Taurus 20mt receiver is available from our ebay store and will also be available from our website.

Our ebay store link for the Taurus 20mt receiver is as below

I did monitor and record some video too. here is one on our you tube channel.More video soon.

Kindly send us your suggestions if you want the receiver with case and counter, or bare bone RX only?