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Pictures of Working Bitx Ver 3B

It is a pleasure to present  pictures for a complete working Bitx B . 

The Bitx Ver 3B has not been put on sale as yet, although i have sold 3 sets on request.

Two radio amateurs are building the set but are facing some problem in their sets audio.

I will also upload a video very soon giving a live demo of the working Bitx Ver3B in receive and a modulation test on a dummy load and swr bridge and modulation monitored on a commercial receiver.

The Bitx Ver 3 B has some changes that were made to make it much more convenient for operational use.

The changes were.

1. Stable VFO  drift with in 50 to 100 hertz   in time span of few hours

2. Mic Preamp so that there no need to shout in the mic.. hi hi

3. FLL Freq counter connectivity with a buffer added in the vfo

4. Aluminum case

5. Mic PTT and Speaker