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Silkscreen Error on Bitx Main Board

There are two errors in the latest Bitx Board that you have got lately.
The first is a 2k2 which should be 220 ohms, that is right side of Q11 with a .1 capacitor in between.
The second is .1UF between pin 1-8 which should be reversed, a 10uf capacitor would be better in place of 1uf.

Increasing Gain of LM 386

The Bitx may be giving a low audio output for some. To increase the output I searched for some articles on Sprat and came across an interesting article.With just a few mods in the existing board the audio Gain of LM386 could be increased by 2 to 3 times.

It would be interesting to try this out. I will be trying it out myself and will put up the results. would request my friends to try it out and email me the results.

The article from Sprat to increase the audio gain of LM386

New PCB and Kits

Some buy links for a few new Kits have been placed.
The following are the new PCB and kits

1. A two PCB set for DDS VFO, all info can be found n Ham Radio India. Org.
We plan to make this into a Kit, but presently only the PCB are offered.

2. A Linear Amp 50 Watts PCB. An article has been published in QST for this linear.
We presently offer this as a semi kit, which includes a PCB and 2 Final Transistors
IRF 510

3. A Dummy Load Cum Power Meter. This is a complete Kit. All info can be found on
Ham Radio India. Org

4.S.Meter with 4 Led. This is a complete Kit.

The case for Bitx is ready as informed earlier. I still have to make a small write up for it,and arrange suitable packing for it. But if any one is interested then kindly do email me for the case.
The front Panel is available in three types
1. All controls in one line with VU meter and LCD
2. The other design which is not in a straight line is available in VU meter LCD
and the second one with a Bar Graph S.meter and LCD.