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S-Meter For Ham Radio Tcvr

The Bitx design lacks an S-meter and adding one would be great in displaying a relative signal strength. Presented here is a one transistor ultra simple S-Meter designed by F6BQU Luc

Very Interesting our friend Vittorio BruniIOVBRhas added this small wonder S-Meter to his
Bitx Tcvr and sent us some more pictures of his Bitx with the S-Meter installed.
Well done Vittorio! The beauty of Bitx is that we can add on circuits and see the results and get the satisfaction from the outcome.

I would request all my friends who are making the Bitx to send me some pictures of their
Bitx,it does not matter if your Bitx is still under construction.The real charm is seeing so many Hams attempting to make the Bitx Tcvr globally.