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Bitx Version 3 Facts

Hi. I would like to thank Arv Evans for his very frank opinion posted in Yahoo Bitx Group on the Bitx sets available in complete kit form and semi kit form.
I had started out giving the Bitx mini kit to the forum members as there was no PCB available for Bitx, I belief this started before the Bitx 20 a. The aim was just to help members get the bandpass coils and pcb. The cost is also very economical for a ham from any part of the world. The start price of $10 for a mini kit can not be considered a business venture or selling kits to make profits,when you know the pitfalls and the comments which may be good or bad.
Since the documentation was missing, my aim is to provide the maximum info about Bitx, the main docs of Farhan and layouts of VU3WJM mods.
I did not venture in selling the whole kit just because of incomplete documentation,but Leonard has done a great job in making so much of info available in regards to Bitx VER 3.

I think a couple a dollars spent on version 3 would just be a…

News from Leonard

Om Leonard has been the very kind in giving his valuable time for Bitx Version 3.
We have some great pictures from Leonard for his Bitx version 3. Its equally great to
learn that that his Bitx is performing great and has a clean output of 5 watts as seen on a scope

I am putting up the post that Leonard had made on the Bitx Yahoo Groups below.

Last week I re-connected my version 3 boards and conducted some

Here's a picture of the assembled set:
http://golddredgerv kc0wox/bitxver3/ completesetup. jpg

Here's a picture of my output signal. 55 volts pk-pk = 5 watts pwer
http://golddredgerv kc0wox/bitxver3/ pa5wattsout. jpg

I'm currently awaiting delivery of a new set of boards and I will
make a step-by-step procedure for the build using them. This should
make the process easier for the less than experienced builder.
Meanwhile, you can find my current documentation at
http://golddredgerv kc0wox/bitxver3/ bitx20version3. htm

http:www.kc0wox. com