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It gives us immense pleasure to see some Hams around the world building the bitx with great success and gaining much more experience and pleasure in doing so. This is a short summary of a similar experience by one of our friend from the Philippines Mr Jonathan / DV2NAH.

The Bitx40 Philippines edition is presented by Jonathan / DV2NAH in his own words as follows:


BITX40 - PHILIPPINE edition Here is the loooong story: I have an itch to build something when I stumbled upon the BITX20. I previously built a 2W QRP rig and I am pretty much dismayed with its performance. Reading a lot of good things about the BITX (and watching countless hours watching on you tube) and reading K7HKL article and PY2OHH, I had an idea how to convert it to 40M. I ordered a kit from Mr Sunil.

I went to work immediately the moment I received the kit. I did not
follow the instruction manual, i built it starting from the audio amp
and we…