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Bitx Version 3 Construction With Om Leonard Of U.S.A

My Friend Leonard from U.S.A has started building the Bitx 20 verion 3 and he has posted some pictures and results for the version 3.

To make it helpful for all building the Bitx version 3 I am posting these pictures here and feel
very grateful for the contribution and a fantastic effort by Om Leonard.


Bitx20 Version 3 After building a Far Circuits Bitx20 and a Hendricks's QRP Kits bitx20a kit, I decided to build another bitx after seeing this posting: A new batch of Bitx PCB, in glass epoxy ,masked, roller tinned and with
component place-ment is in ready stock for delivery world-wide.
Also available is the pcb for Avala 01 Sdr monoband tcvr.

I am giving a very special discount on the pbc's. To know further about
the discount, kindly send me a mail at suillakhani123@
I sent off my email and received this back: Dear Leonard,
The Bitx Version 3 PCB is for $10 PCB +Coils+1 No 2570 transistor.
The Avala sdr pcb is for $5.Shipping is ext…