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About Hams And Our Present And Future Association

"Who are Hams And How are we associated with their activity" ........ The following article explains this.

Hams are people from different walks of life, a Ham's may be a Lawyer, some may be bankers,business men, student,teacher,pilot,scientist,gardener, you name it,in every field of life, there is a Ham enthusiast, It is not necessary to have a formal degree to get a ham radio license, to enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio.

Hams generate credit of applause by helping, and  providing emergency communications in distress, no matter where the location is.

In the USA ham radio is promoted in Unique ways. You can donate any amateur radio equipment and get concessions on income tax.

Many counties have govt sponsored organisations to fund Ham Radio activities.

Our activity concerns developing Ham Radio kits that are used by Hams around the world. our Aim is to develop  high quality, reliable and affordable Ham Radio equipment's.

We invite Hams to collaborate with us with thei…

Bitx3C SBL1 In Black Case

Quite some time back I had built a Bitx3C SBL-1 with a DDS. Now this DDS has a S.Meter and can be used for 3 bands. presently this rig is for 20mt only using the SBL-1 mixers.
Performance has been great with many contacts been made.

This new DDS will be offered with the Bitx Kits starting this month.
Here are some pictures which I had taken for the Bitx3C SBL-1