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Amateur Radio Kits.In Now Working

After a gap of one year our website is back with a complete working store and a download
page for all our kits and parts.

It took me some time as I thought of building the website myself as my second hobby is of making websites and blogging.

The website will be made more customer friendly in coming days.

This website was necessary as it provides us  with more flexibility in providing info, as well
as to maintain a better shopping cart as on eBay we have certain limitations.

The site is SSL secured and you need to add an https. before the domain name.

Kindly find the link below to our website.

Vintage SSB/CW Bitx 20 From U.K

Let me present here my friends a Bitx SSB/CW 20  Vintage type of ssb transceiver built by our young friend Mark Baldridge from U.K 
I shall put in Marks own word his experience with building the Bitx through an email sent to me.
Attached are several pictures of my finished bitx.
Some key features are the laser cut/engraved faceplate, and the scratchbuilt CW Generator.
My "enclosure" was designed to make easy access for modification and troubleshooting. As well as to look like a vintage 1920s era homebuilt radio.
I have the entire rig running off a 6 cell lithium battery at 22V. 
Thank you so much for your help and great customer support through the build process. 
I have made contacts across the United States, and one CW contact into Canada.
Feel free to share the photos. Have a great evening!
~ Mark "  wishing Mark the very best with his Bitx, hope we more of Bitx in different styles coming up. Thanks mark for your great effort in putting up the Vintage Bitx.…