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Bitx With QRO Linear of ARRL design

This is my first post in this new year 2009. My most warm greetings to all friends
who have been associated with the Bitx project.
Last year a record number of Hams ventured into the Bitx project and many have
completed their Bitx Tcvr.

Special thanks goes out to Om Leonard for bringing out the Bitx Vr 3 Manual for the Main Board and Linear Cum Power Supply.It is really helping all the Bitx users to build
the Bitx with very much of information in step by step method.

I have been trying to come out with a Cabinet for Bitx but it is not complete yet as
I would like the cabinet to be used in such a way that It could be used for the multiband Bitx and have enough space for some additional circuits that could be housed
in the cabinet.

Hope fully the Cabinet should be out soon.

Our Good Friend Vittorio has made a splendid QRO for Bitx for 40Mt and 20Mt,
this is a ARRL design and gives an output of 30 Watts. I have used this linear
with my Bitx and had many QSO's with it, and the performance is ex…