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DL4YHF Frequency Counter kit.

The month of June could not allow me to post any new news on Bitx as I was busy with setting up a new office with more space for getting the kits made,packed and shipped.

Recently I came across an error in packing of  one resistance  in the DL4YHF Frequency Counter kit.
There is a 470 ohms resistance which was mistakenly packed with a 4K7 resistance.
Kindly correct the value to 470 ohms or the freq counter would not read any freq from any external source.

The frequency counter picture is being published here to show the location of the resistance 470 ohms.

One kind suggestion is to use a low wattage soldering iron for soldering the frequency counter components,or you may brake some tracks with a high wattage soldering iron.

Thanks and we are extremely sorry for any cause of the time you may have spent in locating the problem to get the frequency counter working.

Best of 73s