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New Bitx Case

We are working on design for a new Bitx Case. We also have plans to make kits with complete case for some
of our very popular kits like the Bitx,DL4YHF Freq Counter,FLL Kit,40 watts Linear,DDS and the Bitx
multiband tcvr as by G6LBQ.

This year we should see some new products rolled out.

Presented here some designs I made for the Bitx Case. The Bitx case will come in several designs to choose from. and a few colors.

We begin today by publishing designs of case as they are made.


Frequency Counter 50 Mhz DL4YHF

We had changed the Printed Circuit Board design of the Frequency Counter as by DL4YHF .
The manual we furnish with the kit has details as given by DL4YHF.

Only one extra FND and 10uh RFC have been added . The RFC can be omitted if it gives any false reading
by placing a jumper across.

We are publishing a picture of Freq Counter Build by one of our friends who purchased the kit.