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New Kit: JBOT HF Linear Amplifer

After a gap of long time I have been able to bring out a new kit, from our most popular author Ashar Farhan's collection. Yes its the JBOT kit.

The JBOT has been tested on our designed PCB and works extremely well.
We have used 2N2218, earlier we used 2N2219 which had an higher gain and was giving some problem, but we have found 2N2218 more suitable and also as suggested in JBOT article.

We got a pack of 500 transistors 2N22I8 and so we are glad that we can offer transistor that have  been tested and do not oscillate.

We changed just 2 resistors value  as per the need of the gain of the transistor, and the complete kit was build as per the article.

Kindly find pictures attached below:

This kit can be purchased from our ebay store.

Buy JBOT kit from our store

Only Available in Kit form.