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Bitx3C with DDS And 40mt Bitx3C.SBL-1

Its been quite some time since  i posted any info regarding any new development for our Bitx 3 series

The latest info that i wish to share is that a DDS is ready that can be used with all our Bitx versions, presently for mono band use and very soon for multi band use too.

I have been testing the DDS with Bitx3c SBL for 20mt band , and very soon it shall be boxed up. The DDS kit we have connects directly to PIN 8 of  SBL Mixer while PIN 7 is grounded, no mod is required at all. The FLL can be replaced with the DDS if one wishes so.

Bitx 40 mt series with all versions B And C will be offered as kits very soon.
The 40 mt Bitx 3C SBL-1  has been tested and it gives an output of 7 watts with 24 Volts power supply.
Some minor work remains of connecting the AGC module and Audio Mute module and Boxing it up.
Very soon I shall upload some pictures and video of Bitx 3C SBL 40mt band  and also the Bitx3C SBL-1  with DDS for 20mt band.

Catch up with you guys soon.

best of 73s

Sunil …