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Using DDS with Bitx Version 3

The Radio Amateur's Hand Book

Om Inge from Norway is using DDS with his Bitx version 3.  Inge has been very kind in sharing his modification , and correct way to use DDS with Bitx Version 3. We will also publish these details on

Bitx20 and other Qrp projects

Cqbitx was started in 31st July 2000.   That is 10 years now.  We have contributed to the cause of Bitx and have never mentioned that Bitx has to do anything with our contribution towards the design.

We have helped more then 300 members with Bitx 3 Kit as by Ashhar Farhan and Mods by VU3WJM.

Infact from day one we have placed links and given correct info about the authors. Many Bitx version are in the making, we had started this blog to help Radio Amateurs to get kits for Bitx Version 3 as modified by VU3WJM.

In a hurry to publish our new website , we had un- intentionally  not mentioned the author, but had placed links to Bitx Forums and Sites. But we have corrected all the content as regards  to giving due credits to the Author and Contributors.

Bitx 20 name is very appealing as you can understand my sentiments, that I have worked day and night for 10 years promoting Bitx Kit and info world wide with many other kits too.
So by launching a website with Bitx20 domain does not mean th…

Cq Bingo Launched

We have have corrected some issue with Bitx20 site and everything is in order as for mentioning the authors and contributors.

Its gives my great pleasure in informing my friends that I have launched a new blog site Cq Bingo. .  You can view the blog , but its in early days, and lot of work has to be done.
We have all the PCB ready for Bingo so it want be a problem supporting friends with Bingo Pcb and Components and Case,

With best of 73's