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Donate Bitx Project

The success Bitx has had as a QRP TCVR  is just amazing. Radio Amateurs spanning the Globe
have made a Bitx .  Many students have made it as a Engineering College Project.

The simple and innovative design makes the Bitx the best choice for a kit build project.
The Bitx Group on Yahoo has been a great help for the Bitx builders. With a fantastic support
and with new ideas and and solutions the Bitx has emerged as a winner.

We have launched a Donate Bitx Project.   We invite you to use the Button Donate Bitx Kit with a minimum
of 11 Euros.
The Donation is done on the Ubiee Platform where we have an account.
The cause of Bitx is associated with Ubiee Plans for a Cleaner and Greener Earth.

We will look for people who really are in need of a equipment . Please so not send any request for a free kit as this is not appreciated. We only Donate a kit to the out most needy HAM, and not to people who can afford it.  This project is for people who are Radio Amateurs and who may be disabled and po…

Connecting Bitx VFO with FLL

Here are the details for connecting the Bitx VFO  with the FLL

Kindly Note that you can just remove the Vfo coil and tunning capacitor in Bitx Vfo, if you are using the FLL VFO.

Connecting Bitx With DDS

Om Tony Fletcher has sent in details of connecting the DDS with Bitx.
Thanks Tony!  As Tony is using the DDS with the Bitx, he has found it working 100% Ok