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New Pictures Bitx3B

For our Bitx3b builders my priority was to build another Bitx3b tcvr , this one with mods on the PA and Exciter Board. The building up of a new Bitx3b ssb tcvr  for 20mt band has been  greatly  rewarding,

Recently i made many contacts on the air with DX and as well as Local stations in India. The stability of PA is excellent with the mod of cutting off  the RX antenna on Transmit, so NO oscillation's from the PA now.

I have attached some pictures of the new build set.

The audio mute board tends to overlap the PA board a bit, this happened because of adding few extra
components to the PA board mod of antenna cut of to RX on transmit. The audio mute board can be mounted with some extra spacers so that the board sits a bit above the PA Board.

A few of you may have problem with the screws size for the case sent, if you have not been able to find screws locally then kindly send me an email for a set to be sent for your Bitx 3b case.

Some pictures which i took of a new Bitx3B build by m…