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Dead Bug Construction " Enclosure "

Some exiting new products are to be added to our inventory soon.  The first product which is ready to be sold is a Dead Bug Construction  Enclosure . This enclosure could be used for .

1. Ham Radio Projects. like receivers, transmitter, CW  tcvr, FM receiver, shortwave rx, and many more suitable projects

2. Audio Amplifier's DIY

Many other suitable Options.

The picture of our mini case is presented below:

The case could be bought with out accessories or with the accessories in the picture.

The other projects that will be added soon is a external CW adapter / Cum Morse code practice oscillator, which can be used with any ssb tcvr home brew or  commercial, which do not have facility for ssb mode.

The third project is a Digital Interface for using all digital modes with our Bitx or other tcvr's

The enclosure to be added to our store this week end. The other two products to be added by next month.

best of 73s