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Bitx Version 3 From Indonesia is QRV.

First of all we would like to thank our Friend Joy who has made all the Video on Bitx Version 3 which can be seen on this blog itself. He has also sent us how is S.Meter is working, We are adding the video of S.Meter working with Bitx in our Video Collection.

We also have a new Video of a  way QSO with Bitx from Indonesia from our friend Harya Sathya. Here are the details posted by Om Harya Sathya to us.

Hi Sunil, I have the video of  QSO w/  My BITX TRX has commisioned by my Senior  , Mr Toto (YC 0 FAA) and made QSO with YD 2 NQX , the data as follow : Time  :  03,00 PM Freq   :  3.8080  Mhz Mode :  LSB Power  : 6 - 7 Watt YC 0 FAA location :  Jakarta YD 2 NQX location :  Cilacap Range  :  300 km Receive Sig  :  5 8
We have also posted the video of Om Harya Sathya in our Bitx Video Collection.  Enjoy watching the videos
All the best and 73s Stay Tuned for more