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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Easy Bitx Kit


After a break of few years we are back with our new Easy Bitx Kits.

The Easy Bitx Kit is an updated version of our earlier kit the Bitx3b Bitx3c.  The Easy Bitx
kit is a mono band kit which can be build for 20mt band, 40mt band, or 80mt band.  SSB 

The power output is  3watts on 20mt and 5 watts on 40mt using a 12V power supply.

The details of Easy Bitx are give on our websites as below.

The Easy Bitx Kit will be available from our website in the month of May 2020 once the lock down is lifted in India

We leave you with some pictures of Easy Bitx

                               EASY BITX SSB TCVR

Exciter Board Easy Bitx 20mt

Front Face plate Easy Bitx

                                                            Inside View Easy Bitx
                                               Easy Bitx with AGC And Si5351 BFO VFO

                                                                      Easy Bitx View 


Easy Bitx Front View

  Easy Bitx View 

 Easy Bitx View 

 Easy Bitx View 

 Easy Bitx View 

                                                                    Easy Bitx Built up.

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