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Complete Bitx Version 3 Kit and new modules

A complete kit for Bitx version 3 is available now, the link for payment will be put up soon. The Kit may not have all NPO disk as they are difficult to source, the copper wire also is of one color only as sourcing for this also proved difficult, which was delaying the launch of complete kit.

The Kit will be available in these options.

1. Item a. Bitx Version 3 kit with all components,pcb,toroid cores,wire etc

2. Item b.Bitx Version 3 Kit with all parts and components, along with knobs,connectors, vu meter,bnc connectors,audio,mic connectors,power connectors.

3. Bitx Parts as item No. {a} but without pcb and coils

4. Bitx Parts as item No {b} but without pcb and coils

A more detailed view will be up soon.

Some other pcb/kits will be available soon.

2. AGC
3. New Improved Bitx Linear
4. CW Module
5. DSB/CW Filter
6. Microphone Pre Amp
7. PA Preamp for old Linear { Increases the drive for linear}
8. R.F Gain Control Manual
9. New Multi Band VFO
10 LED S.Meter