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Building Bitx 3 , by the BiTX20 building group at 147.120 Tech Net

If you  want to keep a track of building Bitx Version 3 with the way friends at the 147.120 Tech Net are doing. Then please do visit their blog and see how a group project is being build with club members with test equipments.
They have build the FLL Kit which was start of their project.  Here is the link

The second meeting was to take up Bitx Bandpass Filter. Here is the link to the building and measurement with test instruments.

I think the test equipments have not helped them decide the correct capacitor.  We have made many Bitx and found 39 Pf the best value. That has been tested  in practical receiving and transmitting.   Lets see what is the outcome for club in the next meet.

The error in print is regretted . The PCB shows 68Pf but we have advised for 39PF.

All the best friends

Bitx20 Launch

The Bitx20 website has been launched after remaining unfinished for a long time. The website will give in more details and comprehensive info regarding Bitx version 3.

Rahul  VU3WJM is working on some mods which should make the Bitx version 3 much more better and the errors presently in documents or schematics should be done away it. We would add some extra features , which we will mention when we have incorporated them in the new pcb's.

Also soon we will put on sale  PCB for LSB/USB change,  Crystal Filter For SSB/CW,Band Pass and Low Pass Filter PCB.   We are waiting for TOKO coils so that we can give complete kits for Bandpass and Lowpass Filters.

New items will be placed on Bitx20 site  soon, so keep a watch on the site
If you have any suggestions for the website then kindly do email your suggestions.

I would like to give a special thanks to all my friends who have visited bitx20 site and left their kind
comments in the guest book :)   Very much appreci…

Bitx Version 3 For 20 ,40 And 80 Mt Bands By Ross Bell VK3BEL

Bandpass Filter PCB

Low Pass Filter PCB And LSB /USB PCB
Our Australian friend Om Ross Bell VK3BEL is doing wonders with Bitx Version 3.

Ross likes keeping his Bitx simple and as original design, that is without a digital readout.

Ross has successfully made the Bitx for 3 Bands presently that are 20 and 40  and 80 Mt Bands, with modules provided by us for LSB/USB Change, which is a small pcb mounted above the Bitx Main Pcb BFO.

The second PCB is the Bandpass Filter, that is made for 2 Bands and additional PCB can be added for extra bands.
The third PCB is for the LPF also for 2 Bands.

We also have a PCB for using in Crystal Filter that can be used for Changing Filter For suitable use, ie CW.

We are publishing pictures and statement on Bitx  Version 3 for 3 Bands use as per Ross Bell.

Suggestions And Comments as per OM Ross Bell VK3BEL 

The bandpass coils were all wound with #39 wire on the same as the
20mtr coils supplied, a fiddly job.
for 40 mtrs 18 turns / 3 turns with the capacit…