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Tips for getting your Bitx working

If you have build your Bitx and are not being able to receive or transmit with a very low power then I have some solutions that may be of help.
BFO tunning problem- Many of us are faced with the problem of adjusting the bfo to the correct frequency so that it is in the pass band of the filter. A simple way of getting the frequency would be to use a 10uh rf choke in L5 and 22pf capacitor with it.
This combination worked for me in several bitx I made. After the set is working you could wind the necessary turns to get 10uh, the rf choke will pick up broadcast so finally you should remove it.

The second cause for the receiver not working would be that your bandpass filter is not tuned. If you use 47 pf see that the bandpass coil slugs are tuned on the top of the coil,once you get the signals with connecting the antenna you could further tune them up or down according to the maximum signal strength.If you use 33pf it should tune somewhere in middle of the coil.

A problem that has been bugging…