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Bitx Vr 3 By Claudio IK0ISD

How would you like to get a glimpse of one of the most well constructed tcvr and that also a Bitx Vr 3 yes my friends the Italian Hams seem to be doing a great job by bringing the Bitx vr 3 in so many beautiful constructive designs.
Now are friend Claudio IK0ISD has completed his Bitx vr 3 and the construction is just astonishing.

Attached are some photos of the BITX20 of the friend Claudio IK0ISD.

I had the photos from my friend Vittorio, he has sent me the following mail, I am putting it up here as comments on the working of Bitx Vr 3 if it is made with care.

Dear Sunil,

I attach you to the present one some photos of the BITX20 of the friend Claudio IK0ISD. As you can see his realization it is perfect and professional and it has a good mechanical and electric stability. He is very satisfied of your semi-kit that it reputes better than other analogous kits in commerce. Naturally his trcv BITX20 works perfectly and also if with the help of a directive antenna, he has been a…

Bitx Vr 3 On Fast Track To Multi Bander

The Bitx Vr 3 has proved to be a home brewer's delight as the PCB designed by VU3WJM is very steady and reliable. The Vr 3 Bitx has a lot of scope for modifications, the pcb tracks can be cut and modifications made ,as the tracks are thick.

For the information of all my friends the Bitx Vr 3 is put in the Fast-Track to Multi Band soon.
There will be a number of options for a home brewer to make a choice for adding new circuits as add on to the tcvr.
The following features are going to be a reality soon as I will be giving all details of the items soon, but this is what is in store for Bitx Multi Band on FAST TRACK.
The Bitx Multi band Vr 3 Will have the following features which are modular:-

1. Band Pass Filter Multi band
2. Low Pass Filter Multi band
3. Vfo Multi band
4. BFO having LSB.USB,CW switching
5. AGC
6. Linear Modified 10 watts with 13.8 volts with more gain in pre driver
7. PCB for 30 watt qro
8 .DDS
9. RF Gain Control
10.Multi band Cabinet {work in Progress}

The Bitx is Multi Band no…