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New Bitx Version 3 From Genova ITALY

One of our friends Gaetano BADOLATI IZ1NEO from Genova ITALY has been a real home- brewer who had never quit his Bitx project.
In the start he did have some problems like some of us may have, but he has shown that
with real zeal everything is possible.
Now Gaetano has made several contacts and has a real cute Bitx fitted in a cabinet which is very delightful.

I am putting up some comments extended by our friend from Italy.

'My firts dx with bitx whas with the Norway, about 3500 miles from me .... very,
very nice and the second with the Ukraina.
the rx sensibility of bitx is
enormous... very strong signal with radio 5 from many K and W (my ft847 receive
worst) only I desire the agc and the rf gain on bitx
and least but not last
I desire my bitx dual band 40-20 .'

Above comments from our friend Geatano from Italy.

Below are pictures sent by our friend also.