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Bitx SDR Comming!

We are glad to inform our Bitx Community that a new project Bitx SDR is underway and very soon we shall have a Bitx SDR after the great success of Bitx Version 3 SSB TCVR.

OM VU3WJM Rahul has confirmed that he is working on the project, we shall be updating the news for the project as we get any new info from OM Rahul

We are posting the details of the post Rahul made regarding the BITX SDR in the Yahoo Bitx forum


Hi! All

Once we had a very interesting discussion on the group for a BITX SDR design.

Whie visiting the local mkt I came across some xtals of very intersting frequencies 16.xxxMhz and

18.432Mhz standard clock freq.

16.xx Mhz can generate some very nice 90deg phase shifted LO's at 4.xx IF freq similar to one used in


The idea of line up is like to use BITX RF/TX preamps,doubly balanced diode RX/TX mixers. BITX post

mixers , 4.xx mhz BPF, 74hc series BITX S/H detectors with the 16.xx xtals generation the 90 deg clock,

NE5532 baseband a…

Inviting Suggestions for Bitx Version 3 modifications

Bitx has made history as the most popular kit for radio amateurs.

Amateurs world wide have made the Bitx kit in various ways. The Bitx Version 3 still requires certain mods to made to take it to a higher level in regards to performance.

The following mods would make Bitx version much better.


2. AGC

3. Modification in Mic Pre amp to increase the overall gain

4. Add on for CW

5. Modification in driver stage of the Bitx 3 Linear to push more drive for the IRF 510

I have mentioned a few mods that can made to enhance the performance and the Bitx Version 3.

I would appreciate any feedback in this regard. Kindly email me your suggestions .

Thanks and best of 73s