Memmories of Bitx

The Bitx tcvr has generated much of exitement in new hams as well as old timers,different versions of Bitx are comming up from radio amateurs around the globe. Amongst some popular
upgrade is the Bitx version 3 by VU3WJM.
It was with the help of Om Rahul VU3WJM,that I made the first Bitx,and made many contacts locally and with dx stations.Some changes in the IF and RF pre amp had dynamic effects on the
gain of the rx,which gives a tremendous performance,much credit goes to 2SC 2570 the tiny transistor with a mighty gain.

We had some boards made,and I made a couple of Bitx for friends who did not have much time
for assembling.Some boards have been sent around the world to interested hams wishing to assemble the Bitx version 3.I would very much appreciate if anyone amongst the Bitx users,
would like to share his experiance on this cqbitx blog.I will be sending invitations on request,if
anyone is interested in posting directly on this blog.Hope to share some more moments of Bitx making, and will be glad to hear comments from hams aound the globe.

Sunil Lakhani VU3SUA


DINESH said…
Bitx20 is good for new comers. It is very helpful for them to come on the air.

ragavan said…
Hello OM,

Please Post more pictures of the diode ring mixer soon!

best 73'

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