Comments For Packing And Quality Of Bitx Pcb

Lately I have shipped a number of Bitx Version 3 PCB and have got some very good comments from my friends who have purchased the Kits for the quality of packing and PCB.
I would like to invite my friends to make the comments right here on this blog.
A latest comment from my friend TODD NORTHOVER . G0TOD is being posted here.
"Thanks for your comments Todd"

Hi there Kit received very very well packed Boards and components as listed all there.

What an excellent service and Price too .

Some U.K Supplier,s should take a leaf out of your book.

Regards Todd G0TOD

After the excellent response for my kits the time has come to launch a website on Ham Kits.

Very shortly the website will be launched which will be having a shopping cart,blog and a forum,where all friends are requested to post any comments or discuss about Ham Radio in general. The website is under construction and will be open to members soon.


Elisangela said…
My most sincere congratulations dear Sunil !
Good kits, good prices, courtesy, and the success it is insured.
73 de Vittorio, I0VR

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