Ham Radio Qrp Tcvr Bitx. Hombrewed By Om Vittorio Bruni IOVBR New Entry

Our Friend Vittorio has finished with home-brewing of his Bitx and has some excellent comments on the working of his Rx. I am posting some comments and pictures as mailed to me by Om Vittorio Bruni IOVBR

Dear Sunil, my BITX20 works very well ! Now it attends a new suit (cabinet) that I will prepare soon. Vy 73 de I0VBR, Vittorio - Terni - Italy

ALL THE VERY BEST VITTORIO. Congratulations for your Bitx

Vittorio has sent some new pictures with his ATU alongside his Bitx Qrp Tcvr. The ATU seems to be a very good piece of Ham Equipment!


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