Bitx By Cristian, YO3IAZ

To make a ssb tcvr with out a printed circuit board may be a fun and challenge for some Hams, well that is what a few hams like doing . Cristian, YO3IAZ has sent me some pictures of his Bitx v3 build on a plain copper clad board, he also sent me a video file. Some pictures are being posted by permission from Cristian, YO3IAZ, enjoy them hi hi.


satyan said…
hello sunil and cristian

i would like to know if any fully assembled and tested bitx sets are availbale anywhere. though i have a yaesu 857d with me, i would like to operate on qrp on 40mts with some sort of homebrewed rig.

73s de vu3mes satyan
Sunil Lakhani said…
Hello Satyan
The Bitx is available only in kit form.
All the best
Sunil VU3SUA

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