Update on Kits

FLL BY VU3SUA Sunil Lakhani
FLL BY VU3SUA Sunil Lakhani
FLL BY Godon Spencer
This is a short update on the new kits that are being added for sale.
The FLL Kit is ready and is for sale. Initially the PCB were made but the printing was done on the wrong side, but now PCB are made with the corrections.
My friend Gordon Spencer received one of the FLL kit with a wrong print,but still he
made the FLL counter in a very short time, he had to mount the PIC on back of the PCB.
But still it is working great for him.

After taking note of the error I immediately have got new pcb made for FLL and have also made one FLL to check if it works up to satisfaction.
It is working just great. The Kit for FLL will be complete components for the frequency counter part, which includes the Programmed pic 16f628A, LCD Display and rest of components, the kit also has a pcb for the VFO, but no parts are provided for the VFO as it is optional for use.The Kit of FLL is being put up for sale.
I am also posting my pictures of FLL without the VFO, just the Freq counter and stabilizer part of it.

The Bitx PCB now will have a complete set of toroid cores and binocular cores will
not be provided as there is a matching problem.
The Toroid cores have a better performance and matching so the use of it is
better, but the binocular cores may be used if a person wishes to use them.

The Bingo Universal Generator PCB is being added for sale, and the JDM Pic programmer too is being put up for sale.

More later.

Sunil Lakhani


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