Popularity Of Bitx Version 3

The popularity of Bitx has been increasing with Hams around the world trying to build this fabulous Qrp wonder.
Some Hams in continents like Africa and South America have yet not ventured into the Bitx version 3. It would be interesting to get a feed back from them as what problem they are facing in getting the Kit, is it that Paypal is not accepted in their countries or they have not heard much about the Bitx.
But Hams mostly from U.S.A and Europe have been leading in building the Bitx version 3.
Japan has also a great number of Hams, but its amazing that the Bitx Version 3 has not been constructed by any Japanese Hams.
I hope in due course of time more Radio Amateurs will relish making the Bitx version 3.


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