DDS For Bitx

It gives me great pleasure in presenting the DDS. which has been made and documented by my good friend Tony Fletcher MOPKD from United Kingdom. The PCB will be available soon.

The kit will also be available later. Tony has put in his comments:-

The dds is the only one available using conventional components the rest are surface mount ,this was built with Bitx in mind ,the construction is solid and good and offers features many other dds units do not have such as keypad entry ,band switching for filters and switching of modes for filters .
The specifications of the dds can be found in the dds v4 notes ,the dds was not designed by myself ,but i merely made the pcb designs to allow others to be able to make this for use with a radio receiver ,transceiver ,or stand-alone unit ,
The design allows both AD9851 and Ad 9850 ic to be used the Ad9850 will give 36mhz output with a 80mhz osc and the Ad9851 with onboard multiplier will give 81mhz max frequency with a 30mhz osc ,the design will take both half and full sized osc .
Tony Fletcher


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