Bitx Version 3 Case

The Bitx case is ready. The size is 4 inch height,8inch front and 9.5 inch length
The height was kept a bit above average height, so that an extra linear qro type could be mounted vertically on the partition plate. I will also get a case with 2.5 inch height, but that would not support an extra linear or additional boards.

The case is made of G.I. Sheet and the Front Panel and back panel are made of ACP, as it was easy to get it cut on a Router.

The front and back panels be used as per choice.
The case has provision of a Fan to keep the linear cool.An internal speaker facility
and a partition for shielding is provided.

In place of partition plate a Alimunium sheet could be used as a partition and the 30 watts linear mounted on it.
Please this is my first attempt in getting a case made and many of you may or may not
like my design.But it is an attempt from my side to provide a case for Bitx which I promised several times, the major factor being that the price being very economical for all to buy.

A new panel with all controls in single line is also ready now.
And some who do not like the extra height, I could order new side panels that may be 2.4 to 3 inches in height.

There is also a second model which is one inch bigger in size, but height is same.
That will be presented soon.
The present color is Grey only.
The case is complete in 6 sections that can be taken off and build.

I will take orders soon as the packing material is ready for the case.
The case will include all connectors,screws,LCD,and vu meter and knobs.
The price should suite all pockets, hi hi

Bitx Front View

Bitx Back View

Bitx Case Inside View

Bitx Case Side View

Bitx Covers and Panels Front and Back

Bitx Case Covers


Charles Rich said…
I like this case, but this was posted in June - is it available at this time and how much will it set me back?

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