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Hi all Bitx Version 3 enthusiast and kit builders.  It has been now quite a long journey since 2002 when the Cq Bitx Blog was published. The Moto was to provide update on activities of the Bitx Version 3 Kit and start providing PCB and Coils for the Bitx.

The aim has been achieved quite satisfactorily as close to one thousand Bitx Pcb and Kits have been shipped to members from this site and my Ebay shop.

I do agree my site is a bit difficult to navigate and at times confusing.There are many reasons for this. First of all I am not a good website developer, hi hi.    Secondly many kits I introduced found a way on cqbitx blog, because most of the kits are add one for Bitx, but some kits are quite different from the Bitx, like the Bingo or Avala.   But most of my old customers do know that I sell all these also. New persons on my site are sometimes confused to see so many different items and I do agree.

I will be improving on this site to make it better for navigation .  I would invite feedback so that I could know
what is required from my end to make this site better for a new person looking for info on Bitx .

Best of 73's 


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