Feedback By Radio Amateurs World Wide for Bitx Version 3 Kit

It has been a long time since I updated this blog,the reason being for new orders for Bitx Kits and other Kits.
The Bitx has reached many countries now. The usual countries are USA, and most parts of Europe.
The latest are a few Asian countries Thailand , Viet Nam Nepal and Argentina in South America.

It is really great to see the interest sustained in Bitx Version 3 and as new Hams build  it, then more get the desire to try it out.

This year the aim will be to get the modules for available for Bitx to be used as a multiband with CW and other modes, and a new case with kind suggestion from friends.

I have received some feedback which I  would like to share, as to show the quality of service and packing of kits from my end.


The kit has just arrived. Your packaging is amazing - my compliments.

 Many thanks, and 73.


I wanted to let you know the case arrived ok. Everything ok in the
package. Thank you again for your great products and service.

I look forward to ordering again with you.


Steven C. Hollifield KG4VIA

Father Christmas is spent in advance! Yesterday the package arrived sooner than I thought. I placed an order with Sunil VU3SUA December 4, but he warned me that the expedition soon as he had many orders. On 17 December he informed me that the package is gone. On December 23 it happens at home (and my wife hides the warm ...). Another surprise: no tax to pay although the Vietnamese Customs have opened the package and a few bags of components. I'm more impressed by the quality of service. Pack very well, and packaged components clearly identified. Even the wire for straps comes! Everything to make a beautiful mount. PCB silkscreen prints and good quality.

This feedback is by Om Yannick from Viet Nam

A good friend of mine Marc from France had some problem in getting his Bitx ,as due to some reasons  it returned back to me. I again sent him a Bitx Ver 3  kit again which he got this time. Presented a picture Marc holding the Bitx. Great Pic.

Marc With His Bitx Version 3 Kit


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