Bitx Vr 3 By Claudio IK0ISD

How would you like to get a glimpse of one of the most well constructed tcvr and that also a Bitx Vr 3 yes my friends the Italian Hams seem to be doing a great job by bringing the Bitx vr 3 in so many beautiful constructive designs.
Now are friend Claudio IK0ISD has completed his Bitx vr 3 and the construction is just astonishing.

Attached are some photos of the BITX20 of the friend Claudio IK0ISD.

I had the photos from my friend Vittorio, he has sent me the following mail, I am putting it up here as comments on the working of Bitx Vr 3 if it is made with care.

Dear Sunil,

I attach you to the present one some photos of the BITX20 of the friend Claudio IK0ISD. As you can see his realization it is perfect and professional and it has a good mechanical and electric stability. He is very satisfied of your semi-kit that it reputes better than other analogous kits in commerce. Naturally his trcv BITX20 works perfectly and also if with the help of a directive antenna, he has been able to connect Canada with alone 3 or 4 watts. Extraordinary! We attend that you am ready the PCB of the small linear from 10/15 watts. Many cordial 73 also from the friend Claudio IK0ISD.

Hi, Vittorio I0VBR – Terni 16. 01. 2009

I thanks Vittorio for his strong support to all Italian Hams who have come up with buiiding their Bitx Vr 3. Hi Hi


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