The Bitx Version 3 is now being made as a multi band tcvr by some hams, using the DDS and VFO .
The latest addition to the list of Bitx Version 3 multiband Builder’s is our friend from Italy OM Gabadola . 

Here is what OM Gabadola has to say on his Multiband Bitx Version 3

“HI SUNIL,,  Hi Tony ,

the new bitx  is ready and go.
This radio  is from bitx20   , but  i have inserted  the duplexer  to the exit
of diode mixer  , the agc  for courent regolation of RF Amplifier Section and
for the s-meter  ( thanks  to Brasilians friends, the agc is from Ararinha  and
work very good  ) , the double bfo .

In place of  original band pass   is  multiple band pass , selected  from dds
directly  .the rig   work  on 80 meter, 40 meter, 20 meter, 15 meter , but receive   too on 12 meter and 10 meter , the tx  for 10 and 12 meter is very low .

While  I was finishing  it  , i was earing  a very beautifull qso  on 80
meter   .... very very good  . i am satisfied.
Thanks    TO   SUNIL   for the  SUPPORT    and   THANKS   to TONY  for  the”

Gaetano   IZ1NEO 

We also thank you Gaetano   IZ1NEO   for your   great work and the desire to make the Bitx 3 into a multi bad tcvr with a DDS.

Also great thanks to OM Tony Fletcher of UK for his great support for helping in the making modules and pcb’s for Bitx 3 and DDS and some other projects too.

We are publishing pictures as sent by Om Gabadola Gaetano   IZ1NEO  for the Bitx Multibad TCVR


Steven said…
Gorgeous radio! Well done!
pe1jxi said…
ho do i upload pictures from my bitx ??

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