Avala 01 sdr pcb with corrections

We are glad to present a corrected Avala 01 SDR  PCB . thats has corrections been done as per article on the Avala 01 site.

We have also got a new PCB made for the FLL Kit..  The Modified FLL Freq Counter PCB now can hold a 16PIN Relimate connector or berk pins. Also we have provided a 22PF Varialble Capacitor for tuning the FLL to the correct freq, which is required so that the Freq Counter of FLL reads the input correctly.

The Avala PCB is available in quantities of 5 and 10 piece on request sent to me.

                         PICTURES OF AVALA And FLL PCB


We are working on some kits which will be out soon.

Best of 73s



Paddy said…
Sunil you have an awesome range here. I love this.
I want the Avala 01 PCB after mods ...10 pieces and 2 pieces of the BITX kit complete with the cabinet in the first photo above. How much? My email is patrick_pugh2000@yahoo.com. Delivery is Shillong, India

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