New Frequency Counter DL4YHF

The new Frequency Counter based on the design of DL4YHF is ready.
This Frequency Counter offers following advantages.
  • Easy Mounting on Front Panel
  • Less Space Required on Panel.
  •  2 Part Construction.
  • Easy  Construction

The Counter is ready for sale. If you buy a Freq Counter in the Buy buttons below.. then  just mention this counter New Counter 2 PCB set with your oder. Colours available Green and Red.


K7HKL said…
The DL4YHF counter features only 5 digit display. This means that for 14 MHz you will see "14.000" for a maximum resolution of 1 KHz. It is possible to do an offset to hide the "14" and just show the lower part of the count, but that requires programming in the appropriate offset to hide the MSB count. More information for this counter can be found at .

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