Payment Options and Distributors for Bitx Kits

Presently we are having problem with Paypal.

We have other options which are listed below:

1. Alertpay.

Our ID:

2. Moneybookers.

Our ID:  Name  Digitalconnections   Email

Both will be required while sending from your account.

3. ICICI Bank :  Swift Code: ICICINBBCTS
   Our Company Account: Digitalconnections
   A/c Number: 083305000827


Select the required kit with amount and pay use that same amount
with the above listed payment options.

We are trying to get the maximum paying options.

We will soon have moneybookers also as option on our ebay shop.

also we are opening a Trade Account worldwide with ICICI Bank. where you can pay the money by a check in our Trade Account.

I request all friends to use the above payment options untill my Paypal issue is resolved.

We are on look out for associates as distributors in various
countries for Bitx 3 and other kits.

Kindly email me at for further details.

Many many thanks to the Bitx Family for such a great project.

Best of 73s

Sunil Lakhani


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