BitX20 V.3 with the FLL Frequency Counter

The Bitx VFO works quite stable with the FLL connected with it. We have a video which has been shared

Here is what Joy has to say regarding his FLL and Bitx.

Hi Sunil, the FLL seems to work FB..Thanks..JOY/YB0NSI

Comments on You Tube By Joy

"With the FLL, the BitX20 is quite stable.. Working DX with 9M2NZI in Johor, West Malaysia, about 1000 Km away from my QTH..PEP is about 3W using a 50K Yaesu dynamic mic and a Mic Amp..The FLL works FB and is available from Sunil..The whole QSO is about 5 minutes and the TX/RX frequency barely move..The Antenna is a single element monoband rotary dipole about 25 meters (75 ft) from the ground..Thanks OM Nazri for the great QSO..73 "

                                                BITX VER 3 WITH FLL CONNECTED

Thanks Joy your Bitx and FLL is doing a Fine Job.

Thanks and best of 73s


Sunil Lakhani


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