Bitx Version 3 QRV From Indonesia.

Getting the feeling to hear  a new Bitx 3 qrv from some part of the world is always an amazing feeling for me as well as Bitx Fans world wide.

Joy has published on You Tube his completed Bitx Version 3 and has been very kind in sending me an email and link to his You Tube Channel.

Here is the email sent to me by Om JOY/YB0NSI

Hi Sunil,

I have finally completed the BitX20 I bought from you in March 2010..It is now placed in its final homebrew casing..It is a good kit with a quiet and sensitive receiver..With or without the FLL and a good antenna, it will work the world..I have managed to work 5 continents with it..Attached is the BitX20 working USA state-side and there are others on my YouTube Channel..I will also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 !! .. 73, JOY/YB0NSI

BitX20 working USA Stateside
Trying out QRP DX to USA stateside on 20m..Worked N1UK n K8XS, both from the East Coast via short path (through the North Pole)..Barely made it with a 3-5 report..An AGC is certainly needed to prevent the receiver from overloading by local strong signals..The counter is still jumpy due to RF but does not affect TX quality and the FLL works FB..Will isolate the RF Leak later by re-routing some of the wiring, improving Ground connection and putting some RF Beads..73


               BitX20 Standalone Working Oceania (New Zealand)


                               BitX20 working USA Stateside


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